Italy is the first European supplier of Grape to the UAE

The European Union and CSO Italy promote the culture of fresh fruit and vegetables

across the UAE trough the “Fresh Up your life!” campaign

Apofruit, Italian cooperative company, is the leading player for seedless table grapes

Dubai, UAE, 17 th October 2022 – With over 1,000 tons of table grapes imported every year, Italy is
the favourite European supplier of grapes to the UAE. Among the different varieties, seedless grapes
are gaining the preference of the local consumers.
The Italian seedless grapes are now available across UAE grocery stores at a special promotional
price until 20 th October, thanks to a special promotion supported by Apofruit, part of CSO Italy.
This promotion is part of the “Fresh Up your life! – top quality European fruit and veg” project
funded by the European Union and CSO Italy to promote the culture of fresh fruit and vegetables
and raise awareness of what it means to produce and consume in a genuine way in the United Arab
Emirates and in the United States of America.
Fresh up your life is also supported by Apofruit Italia, Cico-Mazzoni, Cirio Oranfrizer, Lagnasco Group,
Origine and Unacoa.
The European Union is known throughout the world as a model of production and preservation of its
fruit and vegetable products. The European regulations in the field of food production are among
the most virtuous and careful, which are applied by individual member countries according to the
needs of their territory, such as integrated production. Italy, thanks to its sun and a unique
biodiversity in the world, is the main producer of European fruit and vegetables together with Spain.
Italy is one of the most important global producers of several varieties of grapes including Italia®,
Regina®, Pizzuttella®, Red Globe® and Palieri. Alongside the more traditional varieties, in recent
years Seedless grapes, a variety characterized by the complete absence of seeds, have conquered
the global consumers, especially in the Middle East. The world consumption of seedless grapes has
reached 46% of the global market share.
Seedless grapes come from grapevines that naturally produce grapes with no seeds or very small,
underdeveloped seeds.
Apofruit is bringing to the UAE fresh and high-quality Italian seedless grapes with the brand Solarelli.
These sweet and crunchy seedless grapes, in white, pink and black, are cultivated in Puglia, Basilicata
and Sicily, and are available from July to November.

Grapes offer a wealth of health benefits, as they are packed with vitamins, minerals and
Grapes are a good source of potassium, a mineral that helps balance fluids in the body; are rich in
vitamin E, which helps skin stay smooth and hydrated. The high-water content in grapes can help the
digestive system run more smoothly and grapes have a “low glycaemic index,” which means they
don’t raise the blood sugar too quickly.
Grapes are a popular finger food and can be easily incorporated in daily diets as snack, or added to
salads or cheese platters for a sweet touch.

Foto di Maja Petric su Unsplash

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