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The European Union is known throughout the world as a model of production and preservation of its fruit and vegetable products. The European regulations in the field of food production are among the most virtuous and careful, which are applied by individual member countries according to the needs of their territory, such as integrated production. Italy is one of the first countries to use this method of production in the field of fruit and vegetables, with a historical experience that dates to the early ‘70s.

Integrated production acts according to precise specifications, which protect the environment and consumer safety, reducing the use of synthetic chemicals and encouraging the application of production methods that increase soil fertility and food quality without changing its natural characteristics. All EU Member States are distinguished by a careful consumer protection policy, defending the quality of fruit and vegetables and ensuring high safety standards through strict production control rules.

The European quality system that protects products with certified PGI and PDO origins involves the entire agri-food world, including fruit and vegetables. The Italian PGI and PDO products of the fruit and vegetable sector concern important production categories such as the Arancia Rossa di Sicilia IGP (Red Orange of Sicily PGI), the Pera dell’Emilia-Romagna IGP (Pear of Emilia-Romagna PGI), the Pesca and Nettarina di Romagna IGP (Peach and Nectarine of Romagna PGI). In Italy there are currently 93 certified PDO and PGI productions of the whole agri-food sector.


The organic certification also guarantees a traceability system that allows you to trace the individual farm of production, ensuring compliance with the criteria that prohibit the use of synthetic chemicals and promote environmental sustainability.

PGI Protected Geographical Indication

PDO Protected Designation of Origin

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